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A yoga pillow, also known as a bolster, is not exclusive to yoga practitioners. Mothers also use this for their children as a tummy winder, and other fitness enthusiasts use it for balance. Besides being useful, firm pillows are mainly used to help open tight space in a yoga practice like the hips. But just like any other yoga accessory, it’s easy to get lost in the aesthetic and forget the function. In this article, we will look at some tips for choosing the best yoga pillow, along with some care instructions for practical maintenance.

A Quick Guide To Yoga Pillows

The yoga bolster pillow comes in different shapes and sizes. The choices may seem overwhelming, but each design serves a specific purpose. As you practice different asanas (poses), a dense and firm yoga pillow can help support different parts of your body. Find some of the best yoga pillow selections here.

Yoga Pillow Benefits

  • Rest

During your resting poses, the right bolster will give you better support and ease.

  • Lower back pain

Yoga pillows can help open your body by creating space in your lower back region. This is especially therapeutic for people suffering from back pain.

  • Flexibility

Yoga pillows improve flexibility by gradually allowing your body to adjust to the forward folding. Since not all yoga practitioners are flexible, using two bolsters helps reduce distress as you allow your hamstrings to stretch gradually.

  • Meditation

Yoga pillows help with the cross-legged meditation pose that may be challenging for non-flexible individuals. Using a bolster will allow you to tilt forward without straining your spine as it naturally lengthens.

  • Circulation

Yoga pillows can be used for leg, chest, abdomen, and gut circulation, depending on how they are positioned against the body. It opens your heart chakra, gives you a floating feeling, and assist challenging backbends.

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How To Choose A Yoga Bolster

Yoga suggests that when you consciously put yourself to rest, you are in deep relaxation, as opposed to sleeping, which strains the mind with dreams. This is where a yoga bolster becomes handy. It is used for conscious rest as well as opening and relaxing the body for better practice. These are some tips on choosing a yoga pillow:

  • Shape

Round – Round yoga pillows are taller, with a large diameter, making it ideal for opening the chest.

Rectangular – This yoga pillow has a flat surface and is much shorter, making it ideal for deep forwarding bends.

  • Size

Yoga bolsters come in different sizes since it is designed to suit people with different body types, including children. Some pillows are more compact and are ideal for travel. Ultimately, the size of your yoga pillow should depend on your body type and your specific use for it.

  • Breathing Bolster

This type of yoga bolster is used to open the chest and to support it for ease of breathing. It is narrow and firm and is popular as support for the lower back.

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Round yoga pillow

Rectangular yoga pillow

Breathing yoga bolster

How To Care For Your Yoga Pillow

Yoga bolsters, much like our clothes, come in contact with our skin. In some poses, we’re even required to put our heads and backs against them or to hold them close to our heart. It’s important to keep them clean regularly to prevent skin irritation. Here are a few reminders for cleaning yoga pillows:

Yoga bolsters come with covers made of 90% to 100% cotton, which means they will shrink after the first wash. So be mindful about this before putting your dryer heat on high.

It is recommended that the first wash should be hand washed in cold water with like colors to avoid any fading and shrinking.

Hanging the bolsters is the best way to get them to dry to prevent shrinking.

Yoga pillows should be cleaned as often as used to avoid the buildup of bacteria and odor caused by sweat.

NOTE: It is crucial to follow manufacturer instructions when cleaning your yoga pillows. These reminders are generally meant for bolsters, but specific care instructions should be prioritized.


There’s nothing like a good yoga pillow to keep your body well supported during the entire yoga practice. And together with proper care and maintenance, these firm, handly, chakra-opening pillows will last you long enough until you reach your goals in the yoga practice.