Most of us found yoga through some kind of struggle

Health has always been easy for me, and I am very grateful for it. I was never physically sick or had another struggle which might have brought me to the path of yoga. Most Yogis I know, have a sad story behind their first contact with yoga. They struggled emotionally or physically and had great improvements through their yoga journey. In my case I cannot say that I was drawn to yoga to get a cure I was rather drawn by it because it combined spirituality with something tactile. Yoga is so amazing because you can develop spiritually, using the body, the outer layer. Most spiritual practices are very hard for us, as they include concentration, focus and patience. But that’s exactly what most of us lack and which is actually why we want to start on the spiritual path in the first place.

Yoga is for everyone. It’s for people without patience, focus or a clear mind. Yoga can help the confused and mentally clouded people without them having to make a great effort. Therefore, yoga is the easiest way to get in touch with the inner world. Would you like to start your yoga journey with me? You can contact me personally or reserve a private class in my yoga shop.

Health though yoga
A quiet mind lives in a healthy body

How I found myself on the path of health

My family is very health orientated, and I am very grateful for them to have given me the awareness and the first building blocks. I think their efforts have made me a very strong and healthy person, with the awareness of how to stay healthy and improve even more. I do value my health highly and my life revolves around the development on every level. As a consequence, I do quite a lot in order to stay healthy and keep improving. Not that I am a health addict! Health is much more than just the physical part. Pleasure and emotional strength play the biggest role in health and this is where I focus on most nowadays. With the years I have developed a personal success strategy to keep strong and fit, mentally and physically and I want to share this strategy with you today.

My Yogi routine for health on all levels

My health routine can be divided into several subcategories: physical activity, clean body, clean mind, and clean environment.

Physical activity

In order to stay physically healthy, I practice yoga 6 to 7 times a week. Sometimes I practice 20 minutes but mostly it’s up to 90 minutes. A yoga session can be a very calm and meditation focus practice, like yin yoga, or a very active one like Ashtanga. Important is the balance and the union of strength, flexibility and balance. My favorite yoga class includes those three aspects and I will soon upload a YouTube video of my 90 minutes routine. Moreover, I love windsurfing, running, and Pilates. But I don’t do it that regularly. The key is: find what you like in order to move around and create your own routine!

Clean body for health

The word clean refers to the yogic cleaning rituals, called Kriyas. My morning routine consists out of the scraping of my tongue, coconut oil pulling and the intense cleaning of my nasal cavity with saltwater and a so-called Neti pot. After this ritual I clean my teeth and optimally I start my day with a yoga session followed by meditation. After that, I have the first meal of the day. Of course, nutrition is also important for me! Because you are what you eat! I do not eat animal products, for more than 7 years now. Suffering doesn’t touch my plate!

Clean mind for health

We are surrounded by information, stimulation and stress. Calming the mind, clearing the mind from excessive thinking is key for mental and as a consequence physical health. Meditation is optima for clearing the mind, but if you cannot do that yet, there are other methods to enter a meditative state. Start with a hobby, so stimulating that you forget everything else. Enter a flow with your activity. This is my main meditation and this keeps me happy and growing. The hobby can be anything, preferably an individual hobby, like playing an instrument, DIY, yoga, running, art or even science. It really can be ANYTHING that makes you happy and lets you grow at the same time.

Clean environment for health

Of course, a clean home is important and the cleaner your environment is, the clearer your head will be. But I am rather referring to your social environment here. See what does help you grow, who makes you happy and who drags you down? Clean your environment and attract positive people into your life. Sometimes we have to engage with negative people, but try to keep an energetic and emotional distance at least. Don’t let them pull you down with them! Don’t engage emotionally with energy vampires!

Follow me on YouTube for free online yoga videos. I will upload my own yoga sequence soon, which will also include meditation, Pranayama and Kriyas, so please stay tuned for that!