About me

The meaning of Prema Gaia

Prema means “unconditional love” in Sanskrit, while Gaia means “Mother Earth” in ancient Greek. These two words are my mantra, my magic formula. Unconditional love is the only love we should strive for, and I am trying to develop it more and more. My Dosha (the problem element of Ayurveda) is exclusively Vata, which means that my constitution in Ayurveda is air and in Chinese medicine it is water. Dosha is the element that influences us the most and which is the one that gets out of balance the fastest. The essence of Ayurveda is to recognize the problem element and to eat and act accordingly in a balanced way. Ayurveda tries to prevent diseases and not to cure them afterward. The consequence of too much Vata is overthinking and living in the clouds, which is why I often experience brain fog, also called brain fog. Brain fog is the feeling of not being able to think clearly, often accompanied by dizziness. I, therefore, have to work on my roots and my connection to Mother Earth, Gaia.

Hence Gaia for me is the female energy that loves us unconditionally. We are her children, and we owe Mother Earth our respect and love. As humans, we have lost the awareness of unity with it all, which is why our world struggles as it is struggling now. Unfortunately, we have lost our respect towards our animal relatives and the plants, who all have a consciousness, just as we do. As a consequence we have to remind ourselves of our roots and our connection with it all. Just because animals and plants cannot talk, doesn’t mean that they don’t have emotions and awareness. I am vegan since February 2013 and since my transition I became more and more aware of how unconnected we have become.

Prema Gaias mission on Earth

Finding peace in daily life is a constant struggle, but we can try to become more conscious. I try to live in the moment and I have found that we are all here to heal. Yoga helps you to develop this focus, along with meditation or an activity that makes you forget everything else but the present activity.

We need to find our way back to the real mission in this life: Self-development, becoming aware and developing self-love (not to be confused with egomania!). Self-love can then be transferred to other beings. I try to grow constantly, and every day brings me closer to inner peace. Yoga helps me tremendously with this inner growth. At the same time I try to improve life for other beings as well. Especially animals activate my unconditional love. I still have to work on feeling the same amount of love for my fellow human beings. It is difficult to understand cruelty, ignorance and indifference (the Bible says in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount ‘blessed are the ignorant, for they know not what they do’). But I am getting better and better at recognizing the true cause behind bad actions: our suffering.

I am a combination of faith, creativity, aspiration, and growth, and yet I still feel like a child. A child of Mother Earth, Gaia, which loves us unconditionally, Prema. Yoga helps me find my way back to awareness and unifies me with myself and my surroundings. Yoga in itself means “unification”, it is just a tool, but a very good one at that. Get into contact with me now and start your Yoga journey with me.

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Prema Gaias yoga journey

I started Yoga in university 10 years ago but I used it merely as a fitness tool and I did soon give it up. Just a few years back I started to understand the connection between physical exercise and mind in Yoga. When I started doing Yoga again I felt better after each class and that was enough to keep me coming back to classes. The feeling of peace, balance and inner strength made me an instant addict to Yoga.

I am very intuitive and follow my inner voice. This inner voice soon pushed me to register for a Yoga teacher training in India, which I have done in 2019 for 2 months, specializing in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. My time in India has been amazing and I learned so much more about Yoga and the Yogic philosophy than I imagined I would. Having understood the connection between body, mind and spirit and I am convinced that Yoga can help our struggling society along with psychology.

I practice 6 days a week and give Yoga classes in different places. I don’t own a Yoga studio and I have no aspirations of opening one. Instead, I give Yoga classes on the beach, in gardens, in house complexes, in companies or at home. If you want to practice Yoga, I can come to you.

Yoga and mental disorder

During my 29 years of life I have not yet met a completely sane person. We all struggle with something internally and have trouble sharing and even finding the words to explain our inner world. Yoga gives us the possibility to work on our mind, but using the outer layer, the body to heal. People that have so-called “incurable” mental disorders have been seen to improve by practicing yoga. Psychosis is very difficult to treat because the patients are not in touch with themselves, but they don´t have to be, to do yoga. Yoga helps to reconnect with yourself and therefore heals you. Indian gurus told me that Yoga cured schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders and while I cannot confirm that I can see the possibility of that happening. I have struggled with anxiety all my life. Yoga has helped me with my anxiety and helps me to clear my head from the frequent brain fog I have and Yoga connects me with my true Self. If you suffer from some form of mental imbalance, Yoga surely can help you.