Namasté dear yogis,

My yogi name is Prema Gaia and I am a German vegan gemini with love for woolen socks and green tea, living in Spain. 

I grew up as a withdrawn free spirit. Usually you found me discovering the forest or ruins that stood half-finished in the German village I grew up in. I was always fearless, adventurous and animal-loving. You saw me climbing down the smallest, darkest holes but then during the nights I hid under blankets afraid of ghosts and other kids.  

When I was 10 I tamed a wild, black pony. I loved him so much that he developed from an escaping crazy fellow, running away through the village almost daily, to a patient happy horse. In the beginning, nobody was able to ride him, finally he even gave small kids a ride. The only thing he needed was love and attention, I was in no way capable of educating him with my tender 10 years of age. This changed my outlook on life: all you need is love and four hooves. Jokes aside, it made me more understanding and created a deep desire to help others and share the knowledge I have. 

My intuition brought me on the journey of being a yoga teacher. I suddenly felt the strong urge to deepen my yoga knowledge by attending a yoga teacher training in India. After 500 hours of teacher training it was clear to me that I enjoy teaching so much that I decided to make it part of my profession. Sharing yoga with people around the globe gives my life a deeper meaning and fulfills me. 

Each of my yoga classes have a specific intention and I adapt to the goals of my students. Yoga isn’t just amazing for your physical health, it also helps you to grow mentally. Body and mind are deeply connected and this is what I try to share during my classes. 

I would love to share my next Om Shanti with you, come and grow with me,

Prema Gaia.

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